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Highest temperatures in Belgium

This list shows the 10 warmest weather stations in Belgium of today. As it is usually warmer during the day, this list is updated every evening. It shows the maximum temperatures between 8:00 and 20:00 (summer time) or between 7:00 and 19:00 (winter time).

1.Chièvres, 63 m20,5 °C
2.Roeselare-Beitem, 25 m19,9 °C
3.Beauvechain, 127 m19,8 °C
4.Grâce-Hollogne-Bierset, 178 m19,7 °C
5.Diest-Schaffen, 54 m19,5 °C
6.Semmerzake, 37 m19,5 °C
7.Charleroi, 192 m19,4 °C
8.Uccle, 104 m19,4 °C
9.Bruxelles, 58 m19,3 °C
10.Antwerpen, 14 m19,2 °C

06.07.2020, 20:00